Security envelope 350×460+70mm

The numbering is guaranteed to be unique and there is no way to modify it.

They are provided with a tamper evident tape. Keep attention: in order to activate the security tape, you have to tear off the transparent protection. Be sure that the closing system is been along its whole length. Maximum security is assured by the closing system: if you try to tear off the closing tape, it will show the tampering attempt.

A disposable tamper evident security envelope for values and documents, with permanent self-adhesive closure.

STRONGLY MANUFACTURED: its material resists against tearing, bending and cutting attempts

WATERPROOF: it resists against water and other liquids.

ECO- FRIENDLY: it’s totally made of recyclable material.

FLEXIBLE: it follows the shape of its contents.

CONFIDENTIAL: the white/black co-extruded material doesn’t allow to see its contents.

PRACTICAL: It you can fill it up easily and close it quickly.

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