Safe Robur 40, Grade I

High quality cash safes from Robur Safe.

Burglary protection
The safes are tested in accordance with the European standard EN-1143-1 and certified by SBSC. Fire protection The safes in models: 40, 50, 80, 500, 900, 1200 and 1500 are tested and classified in accordance with NT Fire 017 – 60P.
Solid barrier material in the door and body.
As standard the safe is provided with one changeable key-lock type FAS/S&G 6890.
Off white, RAL 9010.


Safe Robur 40, Grade I

Outside dimensions: 560x565x531 mm
Inner dimensions: 425x400x330 mm
Volume: 56 litres
Weight: 150 kg.
Security class: Grade I, certified EN1143-1
Fire protection: 60 min. paper, certified NT Fire 017- 60
Standard: secure key lock, 2 keys

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