Prefabricated strongrooms

Burglary protection
Prefabricated Strongrooms are certified by
DNV in accordance with the European standard EN-

The Prefabricated Strongroom can be fitted with a reinforced
ventilation passage that has been accepted by
SBSC and which will be connected to a tube ø150 mm.

Alarm and power supply
There are 8 conduits (ø18) for power supply to lighting,
alarm and safe deposit lockers.

Strongroom Door – primed finish
Panels – outside, untreated finish
Panels – inside, painted with primer

Weight and measurements
Can be projected as needed

For design, planning and preparation before installation,
please refer to special information from HF Security.

Prefabricated Strongrooms are constructed
from wall-, roof- and floor panels welded together. The
panels are produced with modern production technique
and constructed with a new barrier material.
The design of the PSR can easily be adopted to the conditions
at site. PSR is assembled in a short
time and can easily be dismantled and used again.

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