Key management system Ecos Secure 60


  • Compact solid steel housing with integrated control unit –
    no open or recessed points of attack
  • Mechanical emergency door release
  • Mechanical emergency release for locked slots
  • Internal hinges – increased burglary protection
  • Special security lock with 2 contacts for “closed” and “locked”
  • Integrated biometric access control or PIN with RFID-Card


  • Highly available, extremely stable processor with complete “stand-alone”-functionality
  • User and/or key management is possible at the cabinet, including query of the event log
  • Over 10.000 actions, 1.000 users und 100 user groups storable, expandable on request

The system ecos secure is designed for the secure key management in critical and security relevant company sectors. It offers increased security through the use of a double lock access system.

Through the coding of the intelligent plugs and individual key locking, a user may receive authorisation to keys on a “per key” basis.

Light-emitting diodes show each user which keys have been personally authorised for him. The authorization of keys is time-dependently programmable for individual users or for groups.

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