High security booth EM24K

EM24K series represent Tonali’s flexible solution for security entrances. Practical and stylish, they fit every background, specifically Ministries, banks, industries and airports. They can be delivered in parts for on-site assembly; this feature Allows Them to meet transportation and an easy introduction in final places thanks to the space reduction.

Square models are available with a straight (180 °) or left / right angled (90 °) passage:
EM24K: base 1050mm and glass up to 29 / 31mm
EM24K Plus base1150mm and glass up to 29 / 31mm
EM24K Maxi: base 1500mm and glass up to 26 / 27mm

Clear passage: 580 / 700 / 900 mm. height 2000 mm. 

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